Some art related to trading/investing

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  1. Nobert


    So far made just two pieces related to the markets, while there's few big ideas for the future.
    (not sure does this belong to journals tho)

    #1. ,,Selfie''

    #2. ,,TESLA'' (unfinished, made some progress, can't scan tho due the current events...)

    The next, larger A2 size piece that im thinking about, is -
    some skeletons, marching through the fields of candles , those would be ,,Market Makers'' and beneath them, (or instead of the candles) swamps, - the ,,Dark Pools''.
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  2. dozu888


    we need stuff like this... a breath of fresh air.

    most of the discussions are so retarded there is rarely any value.
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  3. Nobert


    Yeah, absolutely...

    We got time on our side. Spring is kicking in. More sunny days. Better mood for everyone.
    Just taking a good/valuable book, buying some coffee, and having a sit somewhere in the nice garden/park & a good read for 1 - 2 hours. To escape from all of the media. Meditate.
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  4. Nobert


    ,,TESLA'' Scanned (unfinished)
    Scanner too bright, whats left of nose, completely disappears.

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  6. Nobert


    Few hours later

    Dunno. Probably will be 100 - 200 hours piece ~
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  7. Nobert


    Escaping the death for the second time and the prior drawing shows two skulls. Word.

    On the way back home, our micro bus got ramed sideways by another car, right where me and the driver in front was.

    The speed was 60 mph~ or more.

    Second time that got hit in the car, from sideways.

    Mouth was full of small glass pieces, felt like the sand between the teeth.

    Pics taken out of the video :



    Prior the journey was looking at this vid, thought, would be a nice way to travel, well, had a modern version of it :

    Ok, will be in no time into making it, just need to read some Q3 earnings.
    And the best part, planned multiple skulls prior the journey, thus it means - multiple lives yet to be ,,taken away''.
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  8. Nobert


    Elections ?

    No, just WIP. 20201031_205546~2.jpg
  9. Nobert


    At the moment, where i am staying at, life itself, drops me tips, on what has to be drawn next :

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  10. Nobert


    Still WIP.

    ,,Everything is wrong in here"

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