Some 37 yo chick gets CEO job at Yahoo

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  1. I mean, really? So it sounds like yahoo wants to stay a pos company forever... they should have sold to mr softy when they had a chance.

    I swear they cant do anything right..:cool:

  2. Ash1972


    Another sign of a market top? Blonde chicks achieving seniority. Remember that one from First Tuesday c. 1999 who was always talking about "new paradigms"? :)
  3. Women can't be executives, comedians, presidents, good drivers, engineers or much of anything else men dominate.

    Balls help leaders through tough times. What's that female thing of yours going to do for you?

    It's not a market top, Yahoo declined Microsoft's offer that was multiple times of what the woman company is worth today! (Yes it was run by another woman before, not just this woman)
  4. this chick got coffee at google and now she's going to take yahoo to the moon. Please..

    think about how many brilliant people are out there that are not just out of high school. and this is who they pick? dumb.
  5. lwlee


    I remember seeing a documentary about Google and they featured her as one of the original Google employees, something like 20th. She was in charge of the look and feel of Google search.

    It's a big step up for her to assume CEO. I guess every CEO had to have a break somewhere along their development. And she didn't get coffee. She was pretty high ranking at Google.
  6. she was vice president of local and maps, where she "oversaw" (see: let smart people do all the work) product management, engineering design and strategy for the company's geographical products, including Google Maps, Google Earth, Zagat and Street View

    like i said.. getting coffee.
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    Generally not a good idea to judge a book by its cover.
    There are so many shitty male CEOs, generic looking guys with gray hair in their 50s who suck at their jobs. At least she comes from the same industry.
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    Only a BS and MS from Stanford.
    Yea a real lightweight, like many posters here .
    Too much negativity at times here
  9. So just short the damn stock. Who really cares who the CEO of Yahoo is?
  10. LOL, yeah that qualifies you to be ceo of a company with 12,000 employees. :p
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