Some 3,000 Millionaires Claim Jobless Benefits, IRS Data Show

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  2. Considering the amount of money those millionaires paid in taxes, glad they are getting back some of their hard earned money. I have no problem with it.

    I do have a problem with the tens of thousands of people who have never paid a dime in taxes yet continue to receieve free housing, food, schooling, health care, etc. and never plan on working a day in their lives.
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    this is where I stray from the republican ideas into libertarian ideas...

    why does the government have power to print and dole out so much money? And why is it going to people who don't need it?

    I think it's perfectly acceptable, and responsible- to take a look at the assets that these people have- and if they have over 200,000 in non-retirement assets, there's no reason why they need free money.

    10% of unemployment benefits went to millionaires? Terrible... take the power away from the irresponsible, who print money at the expense of the american people...
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    I disagree, what you are proposing is giving the gov all the power as illustrated in the 1984 book. These 3,000 or so peeps are probably going through whatever hardship and they need the money, big deal. They paid their dues already. And let's say they don't need the money, they still deserve the same equal rights as the bum on the street; just that they now how to outsmart the system; nothing wrong with that.

    Now the leeches of society, that's a whole other story.....
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  8. Good post.

    I'm more upset about people who bilk the system for years, faking disabilities, getting food stamps from "connections," young girls marrying old "sugar daddies" just to get on SS, etc.

    If you pay into the system, I don't have a problem with getting it back. Of course, some may not want to take any gov't benefits, which is admirable. But if they do, I don't have any issues with it.
  9. I'm not sure if you complety understand libartarian ideas.

    Your first question is spot-on: "why does the government have power to print and dole out so much money?"

    Your second question misses the mark: "And why is it going to people who don't need it?"

    Whether these wealthy people like these programs or not, they paid into them. If the gov't says "No, you've been successful enough and don't need it" that's wealth redistribution. not libertarianism.
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