Solyndra execs refuse to testify at House hearing

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  1. Solyndra execs refuse to testify at House hearing

    WASHINGTON (KGO) -- Two top executives at bankrupt Solyndra have invoked their Fifth Amendment rights and refused to answer questions at a House hearing Friday.

    The Solyndra executives have sent letters to the House Energy and Commerce committee, saying they will invoke their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

    They cite an ongoing criminal investigation by the FBI, which raided the Solyndra plant in Fremont earlier this month. That happened after the company declared bankruptcy, and defaulted on a $528 million government stimulus loan.

    The House committee is investigating whether political influence from the Obama administration helped Solyndra get that loan.
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    It's people in the White House who need to be dragged before Congress and made to fess up. Although I think the Solyndra execs are probably guilty of fraud or at least extremely poor management, I can't blame them for taking the 5th since the FBI is raiding their homes and they may find themselves going to jail over this if fraud can be proved.