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    Some of the Members suggested we set up posts where we concentrate on coming up with solutions to our country’s (and the World’s problems), rather than just complain about them.

    I love that idea but I still think we need to point out things that need to be solved. I’ll be honest, I’m not a Republican. I know this may come as a shock to many of you as I hide it so well but – well, I just don’t like those guys. It’s not the "Conservative Values" stuff, which is basically a joke anyway with Republican sex scandals outnumbering Democratic ones by 2 to 1 over the past decade (and with Democrats it’s usually a MAN and a WOMAN, who is over 18 – with the Reps, it’s ANYTHING GOES!) and it’s not even a contest when you compare indictments for other evil activities.

    No, that doesn’t bother me but, as Barry Ritholz so rightly put it: "I am not a Democrat, because I have NO IDEA what their economic policies are; and I am not a Republican, because I know PRECISELY what their economic policies are."

    Wake up people, this party was willing to – DID, in fact – allow the United States of America to lose their Triple-A credit status and sent the markets into a downward spiral that we have no way of knowing if we are going to recover from (as the effects are still rippling through our economy). They have turned our government into a Global joke and they just had two hours of Q&A where they PROMISE more of the same and the problem isn’t just with the Presidential Candidates – it’s the WHOLE PARTY and it needs to go!

    That’s what I think the first problem we need to address is. What do we replace it with? I’m very open to throwing all the bums out on both sides and start from scratch but I simply don’t think it’s realistic in the short-term so, logically, I’m going to choose to keep the party that there is at least the POSSIBILITY of compromising with. The Republican way is nothing more than a Thelma and Louise suicide run over the cliff and THEY MUST BE STOPPED!
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    I think it's obvious Pee Drinker/Tinker Bell/Vehn has gone completely and utterly insane.
  3. Gosh, all this time I was under the apparent misimpression that Barrack Hussein Obama, a leftwing democrat, was president. Who knew those republican bastards were in charge?

    I am fairly certain that two know liars, Tres. Sec. Geithner and this guy obama, were on TV every day claiming we would default if the republicans didn't roll over and republicans said they were wrong.
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    I was under the impression the democraps still had a thin majority in the senate as well. That means they still "own" 2/3 of Washington.
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    Due Buy

    Yeah then why couldn't the "Democraps" go through with raising the debt ceiling?

  6. You don't know much still long to be in a bush with Cheyney's dick.
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    2011 US Senate makeup:
    51 Dem
    47 Rep
    2 Ind (caucus with Dems)

    You were mumbling something about a dick in your mouth?