Solutions for Firewall Obstacle at work

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by pattyloo, Jul 5, 2011.

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    i'm using AMP/Ninja Trader, which seems like a great tool. I just found out that my firewall at work won't let me connect to CGQ. I spoke to AMP and they suggested this was the problem, which makes sense.

    It works fine on my home laptop.

    Looks like I'll have to bring in my laptop and CLEAR wi-fi hotspot to do use Ninja from my office.

    Any other ideas for traders who've encountered this problem?

    btw - sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  2. Maybe you could post under the hardware section. by the way ask AMP which ports, IP etc must be granted , then call your firewall manufacturer for support. Also check whether you have sofware firewall that is in conflict with the hardware one.
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    Thank You for that advice. BTW - I brought in my laptop and was able to connect through my company's wireless lan to AMP/CQG. Weird that I can through the wireless, but not my ethernet connection on my desktop. Next, I'll ethernet thru my laptop to see if that works, then i'll know it's something with my Desktop machine or the way i installed AMP.

    I will call AMP for help after I do a little more troubleshooting with my laptop.
  4. Likely your work place firewall allows RDP. If it does, you can obtain a static IP from you ISP and access your home laptop from work via windows rdp.
  5. Just log into your home computer remotely from work. use its free, fast, works great, will get through firewalls. you're welcome.
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    hey, thanks. that's a great idea about remote logging into my home pc.