Solution To TSA Pat Downs And Save The Airlines

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pspr, Nov 22, 2010.

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    I have the solution to the TSA pat down problem that everyone hates.

    We bring in the equivilent of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders to do the pat downs on men and we bring in the equivilent of the Chipendales to do the pat downs on the women.

    If we do that I guarantee the public will find reasons to double the monthly number of passenger miles. I know I would be flying a lot more.
  2. I hate to break it to you but the average woman is generally not as eager to be groped by a stranger as the average man might be, no matter how good looking said stranger might be.

    But at least you're working on a solution for us, so that is commendable. :D
  3. Will the men get the happy ending?
  4. Except that maybe you dont want your wife being felt up by chipendale dancers and your wife probably doesnt want you getting felt up by cheerleaders.

    Something like half of all people are married so your solution wouldnt work, it would just cause even more problems.
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    and we get Richard Simmons to pat down??....cmon you guys know who you are?
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    The title has me thinking that with a possible disastrous travel season leading into the normal January slowdown, we just might see a few airlines crying foul and looking for a government handout like the auto (unions) and the banks.

    I'm just saying.
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    I think that is something we will just have to learn to live with as a society. :D
  9. can't decide whether the anal probe administered by a cheerleader is much more enjoyable than the one administered by a regular TSA dude.
  10. I would suggest that everyone just strip down naked when they enter the airport, but OMG, the humanity of such a sight. Kind of like wanting to be a Gynecologist. Great idea until some 300 pounder waddles through the door.:eek:
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