Solution To The Debt Crisis

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    Obama: "I don't see a path to a deal if they don't budge. Period," the president said in a challenge to his political opponents, accusing Republicans of having a "my way or the highway" posture on taxes.
    OK, let's just call it quits. No agreement. No increase in the debt ceiling. Let's just hold the debt line right here until a balanced budget amendment is passed.

    Start laying off federal employees.

    Fire all the high paid Czars and staff at the White House.

    Stop all foreign aid.

    Close military bases around the world.

    Cut the DOJ in half.

    Eliminate the EPA.

    Eliminate the Dept. of Education.

    Cancel ObamaCare.

    Cancel all pay for the Congress, the Senate and the President (It's a privilege to serve, right?).

    Etc. etc. etc.
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    The United States will not default to it's bond holders, there's ample money to prevent the highly touted financial doomsday that would incur if such action took place, that does not mean however that monthly entitlement checks would go out on time.

    Wouldn't be good for the Dems to have their hoards of governmental handout - tit sucking constituents pissed off.

    Congress will be the last to receive any cut in benefits or pay, heaven forbid! They should get a pay raise for their job well done.
  3. Every day that Michele Bachmann rises in the polls, this becomes more likely.

    She is the only person in the room making sense. We all know those future "cuts", which are really only cuts in the rate of increases, will never happen just as they never happened when Reagan and Bush 41 agreed to similar deals.

    Is it really such a tragedy if the federal government was forced to do what thousands of businesses have already done? Cut fat, prioritize and live within their means? Why are the jobs of drones working at useless bureaucracies like the Department of Education, the Labor Department, HUD etc more valuable than those who work in the private sector?
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    We don't needs no revolution...

    We just needs to fix our constitution...

    Let's rap...
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    Why more Americans pay no income tax


    April 15, 2010|By Scott A. Hodge, Special to CNN

    If "taxes are the price we pay for civilized society," to quote Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., then April 15 is the day that bill comes due for every working American.

    But that is no longer the case for a growing class of Americans for whom the price of civilized society has been reduced to zero because the tax code's generous credits and deductions completely erase their income tax liability.

    And for many of these nonpayers, civilized society actually pays them a hefty refund, which is not much different from a welfare check except that it's run through the tax code instead of through the Department of Health and Human Services.

    The consequence of turning the tax code into a tool for social policy is that we now have a record 52 million filers off the income tax rolls. This means 36 percent of all so-called taxpayers actually pay zero in income taxes after taking their credits and deductions. But these figures don't include some 15 million people who work but don't earn enough to file a tax return. When these people are added to the non-payers, estimates the Tax Policy Center, the percentage of households who don't pay income taxes rises to 47 percent.
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    Which in reality will take a revolution.
  7. The Constitution is just fine. We need politicos to uphold their oath of office.
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    No. The Constitution ain't just fine.
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    Exactly. What we really need is congressional term limits. The career federal politician needs to end.
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    (Exsqueeze me, Mr. P, but that would require a change in the Constitution.)
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