Solution to the BP Oil Spill

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  1. Well... Based on this 866000 / 2.2 = 393636.3636 KG ... So a plug weighing about 1 metric ton should be more than enough... The question is whether or not the remaining pipe and BOP can manage the weight!??? I don't know because I’m not sure how much weight it would be able to manage... It might topple over. Nevertheless, if everything else fails as a last ditch solution it might work if the BOP and the entire assembly was removed… Then all you would have to do is plug the hole in the ground.

    As for the well "blowing out" again underneath the floor...!? Well... That is an unknown... I don't think that it would. Wouldn't burying the region under cement help to seal that region of the sea floor?
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    So, they were right, the devil IS in the details! ; )
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    But it is 6666 not 666... Funny though...
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    393636 kg = 393.636 metric tons, NOT ~1 metric ton. The metric system makes conversions like this easy.

    Either way, they will not be stopping the flow at the well head for any reason due to the integrity concerns.
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  6. The BOP apparently weighs 450 tons. Hard to imagine.
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  7. The explosive would be put 3 miles down in bedrock. Back in the 60's a 30 kiloton weapon was about as small of a fusion device that could be made. Today they can be made with yields smaller then one kiloton.
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  8. Oooops.... That was a really stupid mistake on my part...

    Yeah... You're right...

    In my own defense I was doing other things at the time. I don't usually focus too much when I post on ET...

    My bad...

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  9. I'm not too sure as to what a nuke would accomplish except for destroying the BOP and the well!? From what I know explosions are usually used to put out fires that are out of control. That is, when a well ignites explosives are detonated above it to consume the oxygen and to put out the fire. But underwater detonating a nuke over a well could have other devastating effects.
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  10. Oh you're saying 3 miles under the earth in the bedrock... Missed that for some reason... Like I said, I don't focus too much when I post on ET... So the point would be to bury it...?

    Maybe that might work... Anybody know if the oil could ignite at those temperatures even if underwater...?
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