SOLUTION TO COVID-19. CDC needs to be proactive on decontamination of personal surfaces

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  1. On it's own, hand washing most likely won't even help. Cleaning your phone and high contact surfaces will. You need to stop the transfer from surface to surface to face.

    This is an issue with personal contact with contaminated surfaces. It lives for up to 3 days.

    Unused surfaces will eventually die out (most quicker). That's why the quarantines eventually work. However there is a quicker way to beat this.

    THE MEDIA. They need to refocus efforts on personal decontamination. You need to have a daily alert for everyone to clean all frequently used surfaces. Money needs to be phased out as much as possible for other alternatives such as e-pay (China tried to clean it, that's not necessary today).

    You need to run a media blitz every day sponsored by the CDC on all media outlets to disinfect ANY AND ALL frequently used surfaces EVERY DAY for a short period of time.

    There aren't a lot.
    -Your ***cell phone*** This is the killer, everyone is using this right after touching contaminated surfaces.

    -Your wallet
    -Your credit card
    -Your steering wheel etc.

    DO THIS 2-3x per day and for a week and you will DRASTICALLY slow down and stop the spread of this virus. But it needs to be done continuously by as many people as possible.

    Right now we've got idiots stocking up on toilet paper. This isn't going to do a thing. Entering high traffic areas such as stores all at once is only going to increase the spread quicker. You're going to touch stuff in the store, touch your phone, WASH YOUR HANDS(like the CDC says), and then go right back to your phone and eventually transfer it to something else or infect yourself.

    You need to clean these surfaces more often than your hands.
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  2. I don't feel like sitting here and watching my parents (both who have a mobility disease) take it up the ass.

    The CDC and media can do a better job of getting this sh*t under control.
  3. Dude it's in the air. Unless you go full bat shit crazy and buy a hazmat suit with respirator then your efforts are as good as nothing.
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    It's not airborne. Hazmat suit? Do you think it will infect you if it's on your skin or something? Where are you getting this from?
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    source of not airborne?
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    Is coronavirus airborne like measles?
    The jury is out. As of Thusday, it did not appear to be an airborne virus in the same vein as measles or chickenpox, said Luis Ostrosky, a professor and vice chairman of internal medicine at McGovern Medical School in Houston, Texas. “It’s a virus that travels in droplets. This is very good news. With an airborne virus, one person could infect the whole room.”

    Some disagree with this conclusion. As of now it seems you need to introduce it your system via contact. A person sitting in the same room and just breathing the air won't affect you.
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    Thought I heard Joe Rogan's "expert" say otherwise. Good to know if that's the case.
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  8. Well it becomes airborne when someone with it is sneezing in your area.

    All we can really do is sit here and wait our turn to get it. There is no stopping it unless you want to wear a big monkey suit till it's over...
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    My brother has a biology degree and he seems relatively relaxed about this, carrying on with regular activity, going to gym etc. Of course he is also from one of the less affected countries. I'm in more of a "red zone" here myself, on top of things there seems to be a flu going around, just to spice things up I guess.
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