SOLR for solar energy stocks

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  1. Not yet.

    All energies will remain weak as depression reduces demand (no matter what its stock price might be doing).

    With such weak demand, solar can't compete yet.
    Unless it's a niche market, non-publicly traded shares of a company that got a gov't contract.
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  2. You have no clue WTF you're talking about. Stick to complaining about how trading profitably is impossible.
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    It's good to know that. I don't live in a developed country so I don't have access to fuel cells and the PV is expensive. But i see the potential on every electric and electronic device in the world, and I don't see any of these devices using that type of technology already. So I think there is lot of potential for the companies that make "fuel cell batteries" and complete PV + Fuel Cell systems for home to expand in medium to long term (3-10 years). And with oil prices going up slowly maybe in some place platinum mesh needed for H2 fuel cell will look attractive ;)
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  4. You're assuming that in a few years fuel cells will still be viable versus another technology or the general schematic of integrating renewables. 99.9% of current PV are grid inter-connected.
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    I think the same happened with the CDs and DVDs.... nothing is for always, but for some time it is useful. I think the future of electric energy storage is superconductor batteries, but I think they are far away, and cell fuel are more near. And about the PV, solar energy is the most abundant energy here in the world, is the cleanest one and is going to be the cheaper one also, so investing in clean energy is good choice.

    Investing in oil is also good choice until there is no more oil. But I know everyone with oil stocks will sell them when oil be more expensive than gold, just before the total empty of the world reserves. ;)
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  6. Apparently you can't get this through your head. You're late to the party. Trade it rather than invest in it.
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