Soloflex & Home Gyms in General

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  1. After several months of rehab - had hip and back problems - I've been cleared by my physical therapist to get back into shape.

    I'm considering getting a home gym so I don't have to worry about the regular gym problems - distance, traffic, waiting to use the equipment, etc.

    Debating whether or not to buy a Soloflex as it is now on sale for under $800 (regular close to $1300).

    Anyone use Soloflex before?

    How about Bowflex? I notice they have different models, and unless I'm mistaken they all cost more than the on-sale Soloflex.

    Any other machines you have found to be effective?

    Free weights are out of the question in my situation due to the absence of a regular spotter (my wife is in favor of a home gym).

    My goal is not to become massive - very difficult to do with my high metabolism and slim physique - but very cut, toned, and in good cardio shape.

    All you healthy people out there chime in....
  2. I don't know much about the home gym products so I'll refrain from answering at that level, but it occurs to me that you might have greater success by going to the gym with a friend/spouse instead of training at home. If you leave the home you get to feel like you are "going out." Also, you see other people who are in shape, which becomes a kind of visual support. And by arranging to meet a friend at the gym on a regular basis, you get locked into a routine.
    Obviously none of the things I've described are essential for getting in shape, but personally I find them very useful for motivation.

    Best of luck
  3. Personally I lean toward the do it at home attitude. For one thing, there's so much available to buy, why spend the money to join a gym where you have to wait for the last sweaty stranger to get off the equipment, when you could use that money to own your own at home.

    Where I live people throw these things out all the time. I got a "Climber" last week, that is like a Stepper but has arm-grasps that you reach up to so your arms and legs go up and down like pistons. At a yard sale I also saw a "walker" that you step onto and it swings your legs back and forth, it was like walking on air, and it was fun. Don't know specifics about hip exercise, but seems that both of those might be useful for you.

    I think a lot of people who go to the gym, might be better off if they'd simply ride their bicycle to the gym, when they get there turn around and ride back home.
  4. i've studied/researched weighttraing/physical exercise and i know just about all there is about it. i think soloflex/bowflex and most other home gym products are overpriced junk. too inefficient in design with way too many limitations to be of value. why would you think prof gyms are equiped with Nautilus/Cybex/MedX/free weights equip? each and every machine is designed to work a particular muscle/muscle group with relative efficiency. it is difficult enuf to encourage adaptation under the best of circumstances and prof equipment (not all, but some) provide the most efficient and necessary stimuli. i wouldnt waste my time with the others. :-/
  5. also i heard what the markup on soloflex/bowflex was at one time, can't recall now but i was ASTOUNDED by their margin. :-/
  6. Yeah, but what's the markup of paying for gym membership compared to owning the equipment, which you can use anytime you want when it's in your own house.

    Why not check out E-bay, I'm sure you can get whatever you want, with substantial markdown.

  7. did you read the posts? the equipment is INEFFCIENT! :-/
  8. I am happy to hear that you are getting back in shape, Brother Hapaboy...
  9. trdrmac


    The elliptical trainers get a good write-up for a low impact workout. Something to do while watching tv.

    There is also a place called Play it Again Sports that sells used equipment. And Joe Weider has a system similar to Bow Flex for about $300 at sears.

    I don't know which if any is best as I am a fat slob. What I can offer though is that you should get a machine that can hold as many jackets and other items that you need out of the way.

    Hope your recovery goes well.
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