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    Let me start off by saying that i am a junior in highs school this year, so next year will be my last in :sigh of relief: I would consider myself to have good grades, a 3.83 cumulative GPA, and with everything the way it is now, nothing seems stable. You look at careers in medicine and the problems with insurance is incredible. Even in the different fields of engineering, they seem to be getting nowhere. I am only 16, but this is what i percieve from what i have seen/heard. My uncle has worked for the same company for 20-25 years (he is an engineer) and he is still unsure about his job. I need a little guidance... Advice appreciated.
  2. Go to a good party college, drink every night, get laid with as many hot girls as you can (wear a condom), try not to get caught with the weed and declare your major at the last possible moment -- and then change it 6 times until you find something you can tolerate doing until you quit to go do something else.

    Also, make sure you network yourself with people in positions to help you out. Kiss people's asses, brown nose, say things that other people want to hear and whore yourself out to the highest bidder. That is the way to be successful.

  3. lemme guess, aphie - you regret not doing most of those things??
  4. No regrets.
  5. is this your method to turn 10K into 1m in 18 months via eminis? looks like you're giving up already.
  6. You can't bullshit the market, but I'm learning.
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    Get into hair removal. People pay ungodly sums of money to have it removed permanently. I am in that biz.:D
  8. the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" made a big difference in my life. not knowing what to do is normal. Everyone's been there. You're on the right track by asking questions. good luck.

  9. Isn't it funny how some people want to get rid of it while other people wish they could get it?
  10. Before I speak, let me say that I'm a senior in college, so my opinion on this matter is pretty much worthless (as is my opinion on trading...)

    I think there're two schools of thought on the career thing:

    1-- Do what you enjoy and the money will follow.

    2-- Doing well in school is most important, and if you do that a good career will follow.

    I'm really curious to see which of the above holds true more often. I'm susupicious that many people use the first one as an excuse to do what the like their whole lives instead of what's smart. But on the other hand I think it would be hard to succeed at something that you hate doing.

    As far as networking goes, I'm also suspicious of how important that is. The people who I've heard say networking is paramount are entrepreneur types, which makes sense. However, there are many well-educated successful types that emphesize school.
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