SOLF -keep it on the radar

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wiesman02, May 23, 2007.

  1. Very oversold and undervalued IPO, getting a nice bounce. Take a look. Should be good for a $2 gain, but be careful. Earnings come out next Wednesday.
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    i agree
  3. You have to ask the question as to "why" it is undervalued and oversold. Did some money managers and insitutions simply slip up and forget about this stock? Where is Goldman, the ones who underwrote the IPO? Why are there no analysts covering the stock except for CIBC which withdrew its price target long ago?

    The market may have simply forgoten about it and sold it off in kind. However, there might be something greater that is wrong and that we dont know about. The market discounts everything and usually does not simply oversell something without reason or cause.
  4. Not looking good down 20% in pre-market although may be a good entry point below 10. I think its an overreaction to less than stellar earnings...
  5. My analysis pegged SOLF at 9.5 and it did get there. However, I dont believe any of the solar plays are a "buy right now". They will all get sold off and it might take a few more weeks to find solar bottom. I would not buy until there is a confirmed uptrend.

    I see Trina going to the 30s.

    When something is being sold off, then its usually for a reason. Of course there will be a bottom, but when...I dont see the bottom for solar happening just yet. The fundamentals appear to be strong, but the charts are breaking down.

    STP had a wonderful conference call that dreams are made of. Beat estimates, stated it had all the supply it needed, orders backlogged into 2008 and raised guidance. This was one of the better conference calls I have heard, but look, its still down.