SOLF 9 mill AH!!!???

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by learn&earn, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Ok so im swing trading SOLF and a 9 Mill order goes through AH. Which is like 182 million dollars. Here is the strage part, the pps goes FLAT. I mean it jumped like 4 cents. Nothing. How could this be?? PEASE HELP
  2. Cross trade?
  3. it could be fund to fund just clearing AH but still, if smart money buys 9 mill shares how does the price not rocket?
  4. Sure it wasn't bad information?
  5. positive. it is a legit trade. i'm a new full time trader and i don't know what to think. very interesting.
  6. Daal


    a fired bank ceo decided to put his retirement package to work in the stock market
  7. Most likely.
    Large block trades like this occur all the time between fund of funds.
    No big deal.
  8. welp it was a short cover so im happy being long.:D
  9. Typically 5-10 minutes after the bell market makers will clear their book. Some of those prints are from earlier in the day. There's also Market on close imbalances that need to be cleared and that one block print will just be the clearing or balancing of those imbalances. Tape reading is not as black and white as watching the size going through Time and sales. You have to watch the options, and the overall sector. Stop being a newbie and learn this.