Soldier does not believe in the War

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  1. I started this thread because I had a conversation with a friend of mine who happens to preach Farenheit 9/11 like it is the gospel and we got to talking about soldiers that do not believe in the war. His position was that it is unfair that people who don't believe in the war have to be over there fighting. I disagree.

    I told him that they made a commitment and part of that commitment meant that there was a possibility of being involved in a war. He went on to tell me that most of them join the armed reserves because they had nothing better going for them and it offered them good money.

    First of all, I don't think this is the reason a majority of our troops join the forces. Most join because they believe in America and are truly patriots. For the ones who do join for the money and do not realize the ramifications of their decision, I would have to say that they made a poor choice.

    I think regardless of if you agree with the war or not, you have to agree that this reasoning is pretty bad. I'm curious what others think.
  2. I agree with your point of view. If you are going to sign up for the job and take the benefits of the job then when it comes time to perform, you are obligated to perform regardless.

    These people should know that the military serves onbasic purpose and that is to wage and hopefully win a war. If you do not want to go to war then do not join the military.
  3. i agree, i would only add that being a patriot and disagreeing with this war are not mutually exclusive. not that you implied otherwise

    the only vets i know were well aware of their choice, but i don't doubt that plenty of professional recruiters could care less if recruits fully understand what they're getting into.

    farenheit may have twisted a lot of facts into dubious implications, but those were real recruiters, filmed on the job, documented preying aggressively to their own amusement on kids in parking lots. whether that questionable practice is prevalent, i have no idea. but yes, there's no excuse if you sign up

    i'm not sure how it was for others, but i wasn't allowed to graduate highschool without signing a selective service agreement. how coercive is that? we'll only acknowledge your education if you're willing to die for it
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    I disagree with this statement....

    Although i do agree with you that they made a commitment and part of that commitment involved possibly going to WAR in the future.

    1st I believe most individuals join the Armed forces for college tuition and because they may be going in the wrong direction in life and want to straighten themselves up...that doesn't mean they don't believe in America and are not patriots; but their main reasons for joining I belive are that...If you look at all the commercials put out by the armed forces not ONE says join to be a patriot...they mostly say things about college and getting ahead in life . "BE ALL YOU CAN BE" i think you are wrong in this case...

    2nd. There is a difference in fighting a Just WAR and a WAR for OIL...that is perhaps where a person like yourself...not spending ur days eating bullets for breakfast to make our OIl companies rich but spending his days here posting in the a/c and looking forward to the weekend...should not be telling your friend zilch..until u pick up and arm and go fight you are just a hypocrite..
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    If soldiers start to choose the battles they will fight we are all in trouble.

  6. "...Ours is not to reason why,

    ours is to do and die..."
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    this is very true....although you have to understand why some feel the way they do. Im sure a majority feel there is no purpose to this WAR..i mean can you blame the end why are we really there?? i mean there is soo much spin ive lost track of why we went in.....also letting POLITICS ( rumsfeld ) decide how we fight is what got us into this trouble in the first place....
  8. I agree with you that the vast majority did not join up to go to Iraq, but polls indicate that close to 80% support the President and believe in the war.
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    My step brothers are both in the Army. Curt is in the 3rd Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Kerry has been in the 3rd Special Forces Group for nine years and is due to retire soon. I can't speak for people in the support and non combat groups, nor for reservists and national gaurdsmen, but both of my brothers are thrilled and so are the people they serve with. They describe it as being what they prepare for all the time. Curt said if you never go to war, its like being on the football team but never getting to play the game, it gets boring and you don't want to play. They and all of their buddies are very happy its for real right now and it matters. Personally I doubt I would feel the same, but then again I did not join the army. Thats just some insight into how two soldiers that I know very well feel though.

  10. I think you missed my point again. If you sign up for the reasons you stated above without realizing the possible consequences like going to war, then you've made a mistake. Regardless of if you feel the war is just or not, the point is that you signed up.

    I personally think that many of the soldiers see the hardships that the civilians in Iraq have endured and they are glad that they are helping them. Regardless of the political spin you want to apply to the war, they see the people and feel they are doing is just.
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