sold RIMM -anyone holding?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by executioner, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. had 22 shares from last night.bought after hours so obviously did'nt get the full ride .sold at 197. got up late;the damn thing was over 199. going over 200.
  2. 200 shares, not 22 shares.
  3. congrats!

  4. To think we would have mistaken you as a small time player ! LOL.
  5. I'm still holding

    this is a very bullish gapup after a base of 164. 220 is a strong possibility in the coming weeks

    No need to sell

  6. Right, very strong chart. No need to sell yet. When would you sell yet? When would you be convinced it's safer to get out than keeping onto it?
  7. When it forms a blow off top i will sell, which is indicated by many consecutive long white candles.

    Thats what happened to JSDA and TIE b4 they sold off
  8. By that definition you would have sold RIMM between SEP/NOV 2006. Blow off tops are called only in hindsight, not in real time when at the very right hand side of the chart.
  9. Three consecutive 7%+ white candles is what I am looking for

    but for now I'm just gonna let it ride

    no need to sell
  10. On a $35bln market cap stock?
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