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  1. friday morning a few minutes into opening was a good time to short DEC puts.
  2. When to close them ? Hold until exp ?
  3. JPope


    Uh, what puts would you be referring to?
  4. Oh well they are red now. nice surprise when I got back :) -21.4% on those newly shorted IWM puts :D someone has to take the other end of the trade and the risk :D
    I sold IWM puts (71 strikes) this morning for DEC

    I will be selling SPY puts monday for DEC

    I got OTM puts expiring next week on SPY and IWM both OTM as of now both NOV. I did close out a bunch of positions but still have some holding to expiry this week.

    and some IWM /SPY NOV calls ITM as of now (equity will be called away on assignment if it is ITM next week).

    My portfolio is pretty busy with short straddles and strangles.

    Gotta get my beak wet from all this chop and HFT/hedgefund churn. by collecting dividends,premiums and of course taking the risk side short.

    Anyways if your gonna go in the ocean on a sailboat you gotta be able to handle choppy waters and squalls on the way to your destination or stay docked.
  5. You've got some big brass balls my friend. Exactly how many IWM and SPY puts did you sell? What was the strike price of the SPY puts you sold? Are you actually selling naked?
  6. I sold 40 IWM puts for DEC, I have 30 puts that expire friday (IWM 71 NOV contracts)

    and 30 IWM calls as well (I bought IWM at 68.75 and sold the NOV 71 calls for 1.63)

    I sold SPY puts yesterday 20 contracts 2.67 (the 118 put for DEC)

    I am finished with my trading, just gonna wait for friday expiration.

    If I am assigned I can take all equity positions put to my account or if assigned on calls I have the underlying for delivery. (not naked on puts or call short positions)

    VIX collapsed today 12.78% :)