Sold puts on SPY going long SPY ETF

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  1. Good premiums, the cows are fat with milk, vix back to good levels again.

    Also went long SPY 130's as well.

    Now that everyone is running like a spooked school of fish, I am going the opposite reaction.

    I am taking the risk.

    Anyhow anyone today jumping in and taking risk. Remember to reap the profits you gotta take that risk.

    Although I am still holding my long puts just in case.
  2. Make sure you have "mucho" bufffer.
  3. I sold my spy puts to close and got some calls to open. I sense a royal squeeze is along the way.
  4. ...or a royal "flush". We'll see. :p

  5. Your levels was valid for YESTERDAY (equivalent to QQQQ around 56.15-- see shortie's thread). The 130 level might be riskier for today. If I have to catch the SPY knife, wouldn't the 128.5 level be less risky for a bounce?
  6. until the gap closes up.
  7. The crash will continue.. Market's will give trend following hopefuls a big gap up or a few up days and then gap it down hard again and continue crushing the market.

    You won't see much activity for today and tomorrow.. Then huge gap up on Monday, trade sideways for a few days maybe, and then the slaughter begins.
  8. Buy the dip failed several times already
    at least 2 times yesterday and 1 today

    buy the dip crowd might start liquidating at some point today or tomorrow and we can get 3-4% down day
  9. Jay P. Morgue, Ben Bernangk and Golden Sack say no. :cool:
  10. I am betting on gaddafi's death. on his death announcement, watch VIX drop and a pop in the markets.

    I sold longer dated short puts on SPY to take advantage of the Vega swing coming.
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