Sold Naked 20 Large SP500 1130 Call Index Options

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  1. Sold Naked December 20 Large SP500 1130 Call Index was a paper trade...let's have some fun with this...there is sooooooooooo much talk on how easy it is to sell naked options...okay here it is:

    these have 4 days until expiration:

    sold December 20 call contracts at 1130 strike price

    Price $2.20 per contract ($250.00 multiplier)

    PREMIUM collected: $11,000.00

    So...what is the "margin" I need to be able to collect this $11k in 4 days???...this is going to reveal why the smaller tader cannot trade naked options with small cash
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    i am not sure about everyone else, but i am EXTREMELY pumped about this new thread

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    lets get some EXTREME responses going so we can get to the bottom of this issue

  3. Come on, increase now, do you really need another alias? Who gives a shit about a paper trade? Anyway, you're lucky you even get a response from me.
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    if you cant see the sarcasm in that post you may be a tad bit retarded
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  8. I would have made $11,000.00 in one again, no telling how much margin would have been required to place this trade...hmmm...thoughts?
  9. $225K
  10. thanks very, I wish I had that to make $11k in one week...hmmm
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