Sold BRP At 73.15 When It Was Trading At 72.70

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by misterno, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. This morning I was watching BRP closely and I placed a limit sell order at 73.15 and started to wait. The stock was trading around 72.70 and all of a sudden my stocks are sold. Here I am looking at the screen and it did not even change a penny yet my stocks are sold for 45 cents more. It took another half anhour to reach 73.15 later on. But I was wondering how did this happen?

    Volume is close to 1MM on this stock BTW.

    Any ideas?
  2. Not enough info, but in general T&S would tell the story.
  3. what is T&S?
  4. pbj


    Time & Sales
  5. what exchange did you offer out on?

  6. I checked the records this is what it says

    Destination: LEHM (DEFAULT)

    Exchange: NYSE
    Symbol: BRP

    I guess the default is Lehman, I did not even know that

    Now why is this important?
  7. Again, check T&S. I'd bet it was a buy sweep.
  8. How do you check Time and Sales, is there any website that gives you this for free?

    Also why you think it is a sweep?
  9. what time did you get filled? I can check for you
  10. 9:16 central time is my guess
    #10     Feb 19, 2008