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  1. Check out the cycles in relation to the market volatility and extremes. It is uncanny. Sunspot activity is at a several year high. Get ready for some good times.
  2. Sunspots occur in 22 year peak to peak cycles, or 11 year top to bottom cycles, however you want to look at it. . We are just now coming out of the bottom of the cycle which ended in 2001.. They will continue to rise and will peak in 2012. Not that my comment has anything to do with trading, but I am a ham radio operator, and when sunspot activitiy is high you can talk around the world with a few watts of power and a small wire antenna.

    Sorry to get off topic.:D
  3. Not off topic at all, just a look at a fractal of the cycle.
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  5. Hey.. HolyGrail,

    Me and my 11 year old daughter are both Hams. Maybe catch you on 6 or 10 meters one of these days. They seem to be getting some good openings. I live in MPLS and I have heard a UFO net on 80 meters. I always thought it would be neat to have a stock and futures trading net on the radio. It will probably happen some day. I always have my radios on when I am trading. The science of trading and the science of Ham radio make for very interesting and fun studies.

    73, good trading and many great radio contacts to you.

  6. I knew there had to be someone on this board that was a fellow ham. My antennas got blown away after hurricane Katrina, and to be honest I haven't been on the air since. If there was a stock and futures net those antennas would be up again next week.:)

    Dah Dah Dit Dit Dit, dit dit dit dah dah.

    Name is also Mike.
  7. Can we listen to pit noise (sqwuak box) with a ham radio?
  8. A cb radio sometimes sounds a bit like the pit

    Sun spots are near the 11 year low right now but are starting the next up cycle.

    Market soon continues downcycle:confused:
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    The current sunspot minimum has gone on for so long that people are wondering if it will start up or not... There have been periods of 40 years or more with no sunspots and it wreaks havoc on the weather, whole seasons just don't happen and food production gets messed up in northern latitudes...

    Some scientists are tracking the magnetic field energy of the sun, they say if it declines just a bit more then the sunspots can't happen....

    There is Automatic Link Establishment... works with a multiband vertical and software called PCALE.. people are getting their DXCC's in a year with that currently, right at the solar minimum!! It proves that just because the band sounds dead it doesn't mean it's not open!! I'm planning to get PCALE up and running here sometime this year, I'm in a suburb and the lady across the street is a wonderful person but she has indicated that if I put up a tower she won't be so wonderful... I can't blame her for that.. I'm looking for a little more rural setting to use for a trading office / antenna farm but if ALE works then who needs a big antenna...

    I recall a long time back that I charted sunspots and economic level of activity... very correlated... if we go into the sunspot slump and the economy doesn't recover worldwide, well there 'ya go..

    There is proof that solar activity affects mood, you have to dig for it but it's there. I heard commentary on a Longwave [that's AM for all you non-radio afficionados] show recently....

    The first guy to notice the correlation was a ham. He said "how come every time I'm out of work the bands are so dead?" :)
  10. Hey Eight,
    Nice to see some other hams on the forum. The bands have been pretty dead. I made some good 6 and 10 meter contacts during sporatic E events but nothing much on sun activity during this cycle. I also have an HF mobile rig in the truck but I have pretty much left my antenna tuned to 40 meters. I like the 17 meter band when its open.

    Here is another take on markets and geophysics by Robert Taylor its also a bit "out there" for the average trader but I am into wierd science so I found it interesting. Link below
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