'Solar storm 'could' knock out power grids and satellites Monday'

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  1. "A huge solar storm is set to hit Earth on Monday with the potential to knock out
    power grids and interfere with communication satellites.
    It could also upset GPS navigation systems, pose a health risk to astronauts on
    the International Space Station and cause widespread disruption on the planet.
    But scientists say there's not too much too worry about - and point out that
    instead of fretting over the potential havoc we should enjoy the "beautiful"
    displays of the Northern and Southern Lights as they collide with the Earth's
    upper atmosphere.
    For the first time, scientists have used data analysed by the public to predict that
    the solar storm should hit Earth at 7.32am [CT ?] on Monday."
    the article is more about 'Solar Stormwatch' "is special in that it harnesses public
    interest in astronomy to provide data that is invaluable to scientists."

    don't recall any power, phone or internet service being knocked out by a solar storm
    not at least here in the North West
  2. 20-25 years ago a solar storm knocked out some communication satellites and had various services compromised for 6-9 months.
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    Isn't this supposed to be the largest solar storm in over 100 years? If so, there is reason for concern. Our power grids are vulnerable and I'd hate to find my state without power for weeks or months.
  4. well, we shall see.

    I heard it's not total BS though, it seems serious scientists really wonder what's gonna happen this time.
  5. It is total BS, at least the part about it happening Monday.

    "For the first time, scientists have used data analysed by the public to predict that the solar storm should hit Earth at 7.32am on Monday."

    Here is a credible site if such things really interest you.

  6. I'm blaming the Telegraph or Google news where I found the article originally
    the 'storm' /event prediction/warning was in fact for last Monday, Dec 13 -

    'Solar Stormwatch Space weather forecast'
    'Results from our first stormwatch prediction …':
    "Thanks to everyone for their efforts in tracking our first real-time Earth-directed
    solar storm. We have been very impressed by the care with which you have all
    been analysing our data. So, what happened? Well, from your clicks, we predicted
    a storm would reach Earth around 07:00 on the 13th of December. Meantime the
    official spaceweather forecast issued by NOAA gave the following warning:

    Space Weather Message Code: WARK04
    Serial Number: 1681
    Issue Time: 2010 Dec 12 1708 UTC
    WARNING: Geomagnetic K-index of 4 expected
    Valid From: 2010 Dec 12 1710 UTC
    Valid To: 2010 Dec 13 0700 UTC
    Warning Condition: Onset "
  7. That got me pretty confused too. I thought there will be another solar storm after last Monday's, Dec. 13. :)

    Anyhow, I am glad it's over. :)