Solar stocks...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cybercash28, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. On fire AH . FSLR announced oustanding earning.

    I like many of them. STP ENER.
    ENER is above ma-50 now..bullish.
    STP looks very good when above $15.45..a lot more room to next resistance.
  2. Stocks acted very well today. FSLR is very bullish. It will go higher. They all broke out today.
  3. Nice profit if we accumulated since $3....Good sign that it's above the bottom part of gap.
    Next resistance is $5 then $6.24..will see...
  4. I'm sorry, wrong thread..
  5. watch out with those danged solars they tend to run up thurs/fri only to give it all back spectacularly on Monday.

    and on top of that, if the market rolls-over the bids on these stocks disappear literally.

    That said if you know what your doing they provide handsome opportunities.
  6. I'm a moron cause I was going to buy calls on FSLR last week and for some reason got sidetracked.

    SPWR seems good, they have been reaching out to partner up with utilities focused on renewables.

    Don't know about STP.
  7. been tracking JASO for some time. finally bounced off 20% slow stochastic. i suspect its got some time before another pull back again