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    Most databases don't have a solar sector for stocks, they seem to have most of them classified under electronics and semiconductors. I'm creating my own solar sector, so far I've found ten stocks I think should be in it:


    Looking for any I've missed, or if I've included some that I shouldn't have.
  2. LDK and TSL
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    Got em. thanks.
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    go to yahoo and type in solar in the ticker spot and a bunch show up.
  5. STP
  6. I think that there is a big future in solar power. America could solve most of their problems by switching over most of their energy use to solar. It'd cost about half a trillion dollars but thats still less than the cost of two years war in Iraq at 1 billion dollars a day.

    Electric cars are getting better and better. The range is up to 100s of miles. They're researching batteries that can be recharged in 5 minutes, the same time it takes to fill up with gas.

    The much talked about hydrogen economy makes no sense at all. There is no technology available today that will make it work. There is also research that leaking hydrogen can harm the ozone layer just like freon.

    The idea of switching to ethanol gives you a warm feeling but in my opinion, only if you drink it. If you look at the numbers you'll see that it'll never work.

    The more you look at it, the more you realize that solar power is the only thing that makes sense in the near future.
  7. HOKU
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    Comparing solar stocks to ethanol and fuel cell stocks shows that solar is doing much better as a group. If I have to listen to ex-politicians and celebrities scream about global warming all the friggin' time, I'm going to make money from it. Solar stocks look like the best way to get revenge.
  9. much agreed, except nuclear is also a good solution too. imagine an infrastructure of nuclear and 100% wallpapered solar roofs to provide all electricity needs for car batteries. You could cut oil consumption by 1/2 easily. China needs this more than we do --- their workers make next to nothing while they spend $2.50/gal on gasoline.

    hydrogen is conceptually a battery technology (store of energy) - I ask, why not just progress battery technology instead, due to physical limitations of hydrogen (manufacturing it from fossil fuels and storage issues) ?
  10. Bought FSLR at 219.80 on a flier. The vol alone should take it to 235 next week.
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