Solar Stocks STP and TSL to report this week.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Anyone think Stp, will have a run this week with earnings? TSL also reports.
  2. Nobody caught any of this action today?
  3. no reason to own any solar besides LDK
  4. I know there's absolutely something wrong with 15% returns. I have absolutely nothing against LDK. In fact I trade it quite frequently. I had posted something about the Solar stocks this weekend. Was just wondering if anyone watched or traded any and how they did. Thanks for your narrow minded comment though. Good Luck with the LDK, hope they don't have any more financial reporting problems.
  5. SteveD


    I have never been able to understand the "food chain" of the solar credits, etc etc.....

    I have a friend who is in FSLR from $45, LOL....

    How do you think the future (next 30 days) looks and who will move on up....

    Or does one simply "day" trade them off of news, earnings etc?

    Would love to hear a sane rational opinion from an adult...

    Thanks so much....

  6. I wrote a blog this weekend in anticipation of the move that happened this week. Kind of just explaining the "food Chain" but I couldn't post the link they asked me not to. But I'll give you a clue it's my handle. You'll have to look back to archive August 11th.
  7. This was posted a few days ago by Tiernan Ray, a well respected Barrons blogger who owns no stocks of any kind: