Solar Panel Maker Moves Work to China

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  1. I read about a school district that is installing solar panels.

    Here's the plan.

    Installation cost - 300k.

    Annual savings - 10k

    Life of Solar Panel - 20 years.


    The latest innovation in energy conservation is windows that open.


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  2. The superintendent of the school district bought the panels from his brother-in-law? :confused: :eek: :( :mad: :D
  3. we fund 43 million to a technology that enables school districts to lose 100k over a 20 year period...but vinney is rolling in the money...

    How are we ever going to fix this...People are greedy and no one is noble anymore...WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE?

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  4. Polar Bears have declined since Global Warming first came about, but have you noticed the steady increase in the number of Solar Bears?

    Coincidence, I think not. :cool:
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    This is the insanity that is destroying the Democrats and blue states.
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    It's true energy efficient building construction and appliances should be the first thing done to reduce energy consumption. It is incorrect that the life of a solar panel is 20 years. It is not uncommon for panels to have minimal loss of production after 40 years.

    Tests by the EU Energy Institute have found that 90 percent of solar panels last for 30 years or longer.
  7. We all know solar panels are not economically practical without heavy government subsidy. The idea is the government credit will keep the solar industry in business, and competition will gradually produce more and more efficient yield panels to be eventually self-sustainable.

    It's been working so far, every year the panels are getting better, i think they will approach 30% in the next 5-10 years which is pretty significant.

    As to moving jobs to china, bleh. China already is the top player in solar and wind sector, both in term of technology and manufacture/labor.

    Private companies will always try to squeeze max profit without giving a shit about patriotism nor their employees. That's capitalism at its best, so i dont know why you get all worked up. It's not like they moved to china because they love china and hate's just more profit...
  8. 90% of existing solar panels weren't around 30 years ago.
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