solar on fire

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wake37, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. wake37


    anybody trading solar today?
  2. I had SPWR in my sights yesterday but didn't pull the trigger. Was up +5.5% earlier...
  3. jazzsax


    JASO has been on fire the past few weeks.... $14-19 in not too much time, and still going up.

    Been trying to find inventory to short though, no luck!
  4. still doing research on the best short candidates....covered my ASTI short today.....Too much buying pressure, gonna wait for some relief
  5. SteveD


    Please explain why one would want to short these types of stock??

    So many other weaker sectors...

    You short FSLR at low and you are now down some 75points!!!

    I just don't get it......please rationalize for me...

  6. I missed the run up on Solars last week. Waiting for a pull back. Does anyone think will see one this week? What would be a good entry point for FSLR?
  7. IB has some available.
  8. KenL


    Many of these solar stocks have broke above their recent downtrend line.

    Could be the start of the next leg up.
  9. I'm betting on just that.....
  10. Do people actually answer these types of questions with real numbers and suggestions?
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