Solar keyboard?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sinkingthought, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I saw this Logitech keyboard and I found it interesting- since most traders are worried about swapping batteries when the power is low in wireless products. I'm considering one of these but I don't think the keys are back-lit, so I guess it wouldn't be too usable at night. Anyone else considering it?
  2. Butterball


    I have that keyboard. Keys aren't lit, I'm still very happy with it. No charging, never empty. Excellent keyboard.
  3. Eight


    New battery technology allows for the keyboard to stay charged on the shelf, that's big plus...

    Check out Eneloop batteries, wow, they are rechargeable and they hold 85% of charge after a year... I never buy AA or AAA batteries at all, and it requires just one little charger because batteries don't have to be in the charger all the time...
  4. I just got the keyboard today, and I'm loving it! In addition to the solar technology, the keys are easy to press and it has great feedback. I'm very impressed, it was worth every cent!