solar gettin crushed

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wake37, Jan 7, 2008.

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    does anyone think it could be the short term end to the solar play.
  2. Everything is getting crushed.
  3. this could get ugly here. solar was up as a result of higher oil and a weak dollar(chinese ADR). the momo names get hit the hardest and solar was a momo sector. same with agriculture although agriculture is'nt nearly as speculative as solar.
  4. Solar isnt getting crushed, its just a nice little correction.

    I dont know how you guys trade, but I look at Bollinger Bands as a key indicator and I day/swingtrade. The price went over the top Bollinger which is most always a sell sign. It does appear that the price did not go lower then the 20 day moving average. I bought some on the dip today, but set a stop slightly under the 20 day moving average.

    I think this is just a correction due to a price runup. If it goes lower then the 20 day moving average and into the lower Bollinger then thats where I will be concerned and sell some of the CSUN I bought.
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  5. I have a question because I'm still paper trading and whats the difference between DSTI, and DSTIZ I know they are both solar but they have different ticker symbols and are listed as the same company. Only reason I ask is because DSTIZ came up on a screener and DSTI did not
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    they need a solar etf.
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    DSTIZ are the warrants (long-term options) for the stock DSTI.
  8. Ok, so I would be charged for the purchase of an option contract then or is that something that can have as many shares as I want purchased? Kind of confused by this I guess.
  9. Trying to figure out why DSTIZ came up on my screener instead of DSTI I used trade-ideas for my criteria but it is odd because DSTI had the same type of pattern, I shorted this stock by the way so I did not get crushed on it today.