Solar Basket: TSL, SOLF, JASO

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  1. Sorry for the multiple posts, this is my last one for the night. Doing research tonight.

    Long TSL, SOLF and JASO as a basket. Large cup and handle on chart.

    Price targets
    TSL- 85.62
    JASO- 35.25
    SOLF- 20.81

    A nice trading portfolio.

    FTEK- Moving through trend line and poised to go much higher. Buy and hold to the 30s.

    RVBD- Buy as close to 30 as possible, sell at 34 if it does not pop.

    Solars- Very risky. Chart setting up for big move. 30% up from here.

    JCG- Good for about 10% more upside. Did well during last bull-run. Should do well this time.

    JBLU- Probably a good short at this level. Wait for it to fly to 9.3 and watch for a pivot point. Long it to 12 and then watch again for another pivot point. Then short and watch how Jetblue flies into bankruptcy. Close short at 3.
  2. FSLR?
  3. Yes, you can throw that one into the basket too. They all have the same formations. Since they all have the same formations and each one appears to have 30% upside, I say to throw them all together as a hedge just in case one comes out with a bad earnings report or some type of warning or analyst downgrade.

    Once they complete this last run though, then they will head to the earth like Ethanol back last summer. This is the time to get in though and not later.

    I would say ride them up 20% then check out of the hotel.

    If you look at the PEIX chart, then you can see how these booms start. At some point they will pivot over the summer and then head back to earth.
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    so you just hold them until 20%?
  5. i saw DLSL.ob not too long ago.

    small float, infact microfloat

  6. This is only my opinion and it could be incorrect...

    I have this gut feeling that the solar stocks are in a similiar run that the small cap drillers and ethanol stocks were last year.

    I dont see an end near, but we are definately not in the beginning of the run. I say the run ends towards the end of 2nd quarter or beginning of 3rd quarter and then traders will start looking for a new set of stocks.

    The formation on the chart tells me that we have 30% up room to go, but I would get out after 20-25% bump and never look back.
  7. Oh yeah, that Deli Solar stock...I have to warn you very strongly against it.

    First, trading these BB stocks is a nightmare. You have to go through nite trading and they manipulate these stocks. Its hard to get a fill. It took me 30 minutes one time to get a fill.

    Nite is the wild west of stock trading. Will your stop-loss ever trigger with these guys? Will they ever give you a fill in the next hour? These guys make the AMEX specialists look like saints.

    Second, it trades 14000 shares per day. Enough said.

    Third, most of the BB stocks are like roach motels where you can check in, but you cant check out. Plenty of people have found their way out, but then there are those that lose their shirts on the way. Its hard to get a good nights sleep knowing that the next day your capital might be flying out the window.

    Thats what you get when you trade in no mans land. When the NYSE started up some 100 years ago, there were guys on the street trading stocks outside because the NYSE wouldnt let them go in.

    In the same way, thats how these BB stocks are.

    You can trade what you want, but know that with stocks like Deli, your probably going to feel the joy of either a great win or a great loss.

    I have felt the pain of great money loss and it goes something like this. You find yourself bewildered, unable to get out of bed, motionless and utterly defeated.

    You can trade successfully on the BB for so long until the trap door opens up. Then you will find yourself huddled up in a ball on your bed unable to move wondering how you lost so much cash in a short time.

    Im not preaching, but trying to inform you of the long road in trading stocks like Deli.

    I try to only trade Nasdaq listed stocks. NYSE, AMEX and BB stocks are all somewhat manipulated. The fair game is on the Nasdaq where trading starts up at 9:30 and ends at 4:00. No waiting around for the specialist as he makes his plan of manipulation.
  8. "You can trade successfully on the BB for so long until the trap door opens up. Then you will find yourself huddled up in a ball on your bed unable to move wondering how you lost so much cash in a short time"

    Simply awesome quote. I agree with your points 100%. was just pointing out that Deli types will rocket higher if general solar stocks move.

    i know folks at NITE, i will forward ur message to em, let's see what they say lol

  9. I honestly believe holding Chinese solar stocks, or solar stocks period, right now, is akin to a masochistic exercise.

    Be careful.
  10. Please forward my message to them by all means. I was trading EXEG and couldnt get any fills for tens of minutes even when I moved the indicator to "market order".

    It was a scary feeling not being able to get a fill for tens of minutes even when it was a market order. This scared me away from the bulletin board.

    Then the bids/asks seemed very manipulated both ways.

    I would have called up IB customer service, but my order probably would have been filled by the time they answer their phones.
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