" SOL " Hot Solar Stock on the Move

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by miguel007, May 30, 2009.

  1. Could Triple in the Next Six Months.

    SOL seems in a good bullish momentum. The volume over the recent days has dramatically increased. There are some days when the normal average volume is reached in the first two hours of trading, which mean someone is accumulating a huge amount of shares for the coming months. Everybody can find more information about my thoughts in this stock in my blog.

  2. mililani


    They just posted crap earnings, and negative outlook for the rest of 2009. I wonder who is buying this POS?
  3. What you're talking about ??? The company is profitable and is growing at a rapid clip.
  4. NoDoji


    They just BEAT earnings and lowered 2009 guidance by about 10%. They have decent cash flow. Priced 85% below last May's high and about 2.00 from the 52-week low, the upside appears to carry more weight than the downside at this price.
  5. mililani


    Oops, my bad. I thought you were talking about Solar FUn.
  6. I thought SOL meant S*** Out of Luck. Apparently not.
  7. Looks good for the long term but for the short, right now its cresting.
  8. double top at 4.50??
  9. 15%%%% :D