SOHU's crushing SOHU?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NoDoji, Oct 27, 2008.

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    SOHU beats earnings by 14%, beats revenues by 5% (revenues rose 134% year-to-year), and issues upside guidance for 4th quarter, with expected EPS $1.20-1.25 vs. $1.08 consensus, and expected 4th quarter revenues $118.0-122.0 mln vs. $116.47 mln consensus.

    They also announce a $150 milllion share repurchase program.

    After a brief rally, they tank all day and close near 1/22 lows.

    Question of the Day: Why?
  2. Everything is getting sold off, except google which is holding up better than most tech
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    Today GOOG closed $231 BELOW its 1/22 low. I wouldn't call that holding up well.
  4. yeah, google is definitely better than other companies...i think it will remain so in the future
  5. if compared to others, it is definitely much better than you could expect at this least that's my opinion