SOHU Short

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  1. Here is a trade that I will be placing today.
    Chart explains it all. This is a swing trade.
  2. Here is the candlestick chart.
  3. Thanks Charting. The Dec 25 puts look very interesting.

  4. What is your trigger price, stop loss and tgt?
  5. its written on the line chart...
    entry is 31.7
    stop 33.7
    target 26.5
  6. apologies, I didnt even look at your chart.

    Good luck.
  7. Momento


    Chinese stocks have really taken a beating lately.

    Was following CYD for the past few weeks... that is some volatile stock, with mad a daily range! If anyone is looking for some Chinese action, this one you will like for sure.

    - -
    Nice SOHU chart.

  8. Likely to re-test the T/L if the market holds up, and we get a "Thanksgiving" rally.. yeah, I know.. the Chinese don't celebrate Thanksgiving! :p

  9. Tell me about it. And it is not even an internet stock but a Diesel engine maker ... Damn. I made some good nickels on this, but only after giving back more than a few quarters the last few days.

    I'm not really a stock trader but if there was ever a stock to trade the last several days, this must have been it.
  10. SOHU TRADE IS BEING CLOSED OUT HERE AT 31.45. Sohu is up today on a down day ...and while its sister stocks are down a couple points, Sohu is holding in the green very strange. SOHU trade is cancelled for a .25 cent gain. Thanks.

    Closed out at 11:45 eastern standard time.
    #10     Nov 17, 2003