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  1. Any one trade with these guys lately? How are their executions and speed of executions? Any hidden fees?
  2. Sogo's parent company is Genesis. I think if you are worried of speed of execution - you should use laser. Sogo is webbased

    (i don't trade on the SOGO, so maybe its good enough. no idea).
  3. I use to use them, I don't anymore but I still have an account.

    They've raised their rates a bit, but from when I was last there they weren't bad. It just depends on what your trying to do.

    Fills are good and quick usually. The platforms they use are not very complex. For the longest time you weren't allowed to short, but they changed that before I left.

    Not a bad company overall. Don't really have any complaints. Is it great? Probably not, but it's not bad.

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    i just signed up with them. not as fast as direct access, but good for what it is. as long as your trades are below 5000 shares, i don't think there are extra fees.
  5. I guess my main concern is slipage. I don't want to buy 1000 of RIMM and pay a extra .10.
  6. Is there a reliable way of measuring slippage?
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    operator - their fills for me seem to be fast; not direct access of course but good enough.
  8. Sad! SogoTrade has no extended hours trading :-(

    SogoElite has no web-based backup interface :-( Guess, can't use their elite client behind a corporate proxy. Also can't use your iPhone to close open position in case of broadband problem.

    - Sudhaker