Sogo Invest, - New King of Brokers - $1.5 for 5000 shares

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by qll, Jul 12, 2006.

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  2. r-in


    Does anyone have more info on these guys? THis for an average retail guy seems an amazing rate. I could easily overtrade at this rate.
  3. The war has started !:D
  4. r-in


    Yep, I realized after i posted that all crap would probably break loose, but still curious about them.
  5. mc312


    I looked at their Web site, and as far as I can see all they offer for trading is the standard 3-step Web method where you have to confirm that you actually do want to place an order. This wouldn't be useful for active traders.
  6. mats


    I agree, It would only be interesting when they could offer a direct access frond end like for example the Laser software from Genesis.
  7. mc312


    It still is useful for swing traders and position traders, though. It looks like what Genesis has done is add a Web interface to the backend system that Laser uses. It seems like a very smart move because it probably didn't cost a lot to develop and it lets them start expanding into other areas of online trading. The payoff for them could be quite big.
  8. r-in


    OK, didn't catch that it was a watered down version of Laser.
  9. qll


    can any one open all the pdf forms on

    I can not open
    Funding Instrustion
    Foreign Status Account W-8BEN form

    Just wonder if they have not set up the forms or my PDF reader is too old.

    It seems a lot of features are still "Coming Soon"
  10. Aok


    Genesis Lite?

    Might be less filling but does it taste great?

    Good for low volume traders but shares over 5k go off at .005.

    Sort of like a reverse prop pricing model.
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