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  1. Does anyone on et have an account with sogo elite and if so, how is it working out.

    On the surface it seems like a very competitive outfit but it hasn't received even one preview on the et brokers list.

    Very strange.
  2. I've been also looking at these guys, but I can't find any reviews.

  3. website says their platform is based on Genesis' Laser platform. Does that mean it is similar but with different features, or the same product with different name (i.e. geo prizm == chevy prizm)?
    And since Genesis is parent company, what is difference between getting a sogo acct versus a genesis acct?
  4. sogo is listed on et. thats all that i know about it. thanks for the replies.
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    i tried to get info in 12/07 with poor response - given the CS @ IB (my main broker) I wouldn't trust any1 with CS worse than theirs.

    E-mail me & I can provide alotta info & advice for stock & option brokers
  6. I emailed them about their platform and got no reply.:eek:
  7. genesis platform fee = 200 per month
  8. Anyone know if the rate decreases at Genesis for over 100K per month? If so to what?

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    Sogo now has $1.50 trades with a $10 monthly subscription:)
  10. Opened a SogoElite, last week... It's activated (according to CS) although I didn't get the promised comfirmation.

    However, CS got back to me the next day. I haven't been able to log in using the SogoElite platform yet. The CS rep is looking into why that is.

    Will post back and do a review on the Broker's page, once I have more info.
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