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    Any opinions on trading software?
    Been evaluating prophetx seems to be okay, but their documentation and training really sucks. No technical help available at all.'Trying to create some new signals, no documentation, examples, forums, technical support.
    If it weren't for that, I'd continue with this software. So, still looking for software to try and evaluate. It needs to be flexible enough to create signal/studies and have really good documentation and technical support. Opinions on cybertrader, esignal, tradestation, others?
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    You asked about cybertrader -- The only good thing you can say is that they have decent commissions, but their software is absolutley horrible, specifically their charts are pure junk, klunky, quirky, annoying, they behave as if they were designed by a high school drop-out on an Atari in the 80's that had no clue how a ZOOM or MENU ITEM should work, nor the difference between an action and an attribute, it's not being improved, the charts are horrendously terrible and you will be sorely disappointed.

    Try thinkorswim: they are superb, incredible technology, well thought-out platform, intuitive, clean, leading-edge design and technology. Absolutely, totally, blows away Cyber and directpro. If you use thinkorswim, and then try Cyber, I promise it will be like going back to the stone ages -- you'll be amazed at the difference and will never be able be able to accept Cyber's inferiority.
  3. I use Sierra Charts, great value, but it only stores data in 2 second increments so you can't use constant volume or tick charts well because they will be off at times. For $24 a month I don't have much to complain about though.

    Esignal not multi threaded so it doesn't benefit from a dual core processor, a big weakness in a fast high volume market. Other than that I like it. Kinda expensive for what you get. Has some nice features though.

    Trade Station, very expensive if you don't trade with them I recall. Multi threaded though, that said complaints of program lock up on high volume. Tons of historical data and nice chart, backtesting, easy programming. Probably the most comprehensive trading/charting app.

    CQG very expensive, and good, from what I have heard, you get what you pay for $$$.

    See my point. All have their pros and cons.

    I am glad to hear the feedback on Prophet X as I was considering them too.

    In the not to distant future I may switch to TS.
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    Can you elaborate on your statement that there is no technical help available? We have 800# support (800-532-0136), email support with < 1 hour response time (, and forums ( ProphetX documentation is available at I agree that the documentation for creating signals and custom studies is a bit lacking, but there are examples in the product and our support group will be more than happy to work with you to help creating what is needed.

    We also have a free web training session every monday at 3:00 pm, Central Daylight Time (GMT -05:00, Chicago)
    Topics include:
    DTN ProphetX™ User Interface
    Accessing News
    Accessing Quotes
    Accessing Charts and history
    Adding Basic Studies to Charts
    Basic Options

    Meeting number: 801 777 985
    Meeting password: prx123

    We are planning to put together training sessions on more advanced topics soon.