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    I am writing from Tokyo.
    Although I am looking for the free software which can acquire histrical data, such as commodity futures, index futures, and stock markets in the U.S. I see various kinds of name of software, but in order that I am not good at English well, I cannot judge which is suitable to me.

    Isn't there any website which compared the good point and bad point of them?
    Or if there is software of your recommendation, please let me know.
    I wishes what is not based on JAVA applet.

    My OS is Windows 2000 Pro.

  2. Use Metastock or Tradestation
  3. churasan


    Metastock sounds nice.
    I am going to look for it.

    I also want to know about software for commodity markets.
    I only need EOD charting system.

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    >>>I also want to know about software for commodity markets.
    I only need EOD charting system. <<<<

    maybe if You give a try to


  5. churasan



    I couldn't get to download page.
    Links dead now?

  6. elie



    the link is ok here. I clicked the link and it worked.

  7. churasan



    My proxy had refused opening the page last time.
    It was able to see by another machine now. Thanks well.

    But the form entering the trial requires credit card number.
    METASTOK as well.

    I wonder there are not software that completely no charge in the U.S.....

  8. ron2368


    Metastock is analysis software thats all, Quotes plus is software that has some basic studies and has capabilities for you to program scans on their database. You must call quotes plus to get a cd of the program and data, then you would download the daily data each day for viewing in either metastock or in quotes plus software. If you are not going to use any specially coded studies/indicators then you may not need metastock.

    I have been using quotes plus since 1996 and rate it 9 of 10 but the data is available at 730pm est which is way too late. I output specific stocks to a metastock file and read that into supercharts.

    None of this is free stuff.
  9. vitajex


    The site below has browser-based charts and
    quotes for commodities, stocks, and some stock
    indexes. EOD data is free.

    It sounded like you wanted a standalone windows
    application instead of a web page, but I'm not
    sure you'll find one for free.

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