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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by saatfj, May 18, 2009.

  1. saatfj


    I am looking for a charting software that would allow to view your watchlists in a thumbnail view (similar to screenshot attached.)
    I currently use but has some limitations.

  2. What are your specific needs?

    QuoteTracker allows the use to setup a large number of charts on single or multiple windows similar to what you have listed in your screenshot.
  3. I'll bet he wants real-time intraday charts arranged in a grid. I always felt that one of QT's weaknesses was having the charts "loose" in their own windows and you had to arrange them on your screen.

    Having a grid of live updating thumbs that you could click on to enlarge sounds good to me.
  4. saatfj


    "I'll bet he wants real-time intraday charts arranged in a grid"
    Would like to be able to view your watchlists from thumbnails (with indicators)
    to column type lists back and forth... also intraday would be nice.
    Stockcharts let you do it but the indicator and timeframes choices are very limited.
  5. If QT would let you auto-arrange charts from a watchlist of symbols within a window, that would be nice (I think it's called an MDI interface). But that's not the QT way. They like separate chart windows.
  6. You can arrange the charts and save them as a template in QT.