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  1. I am looking for a TA software which has as much strategy performance results as TradeStation 7, but where I could backtest my strategies on my own data-ASCII. It would be great if it would graph max adverse excursion percent for every trade.
    Let me know if you know of such software. Does Esignal , have such qualities?
  2. ...E-Signal does not.
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    Linnsoft's IRT has plus the next release will have optimising..
  4. Wealth-Lab Developer has it, of course! You can look at it as Percentage, Dollar or Point value. You can look at each individual trade from each symbol, you can look at the average value of a whole portfolio, you can look at it on the trade by trade report, you can sort it (like anything else) in the trade by trade report...:)! Did I mention that you can define your own parameter to optimize an individual market or your whole portfolio?
  5. I added the MAE chart. I ran the whole dow 30 portfolio and this is the result.
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  6. Now You can easily use data in ASCII format with TradeStation 7, as well as eSignal data and data from DDE source with new OwnData product.

    Please visit OwnData homepage for detailed information

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