Software Used to Trade Jack Hershey Methods

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    I also share the "Dom / Non-Dom Force" script.

    This script tries to split each bar volume according with the inside price bar movements. So, for instance, if bar opens and price goes up, then goes down and then up again, it calculates the total movement in each direction and splits the volume accordingly.

    That way it helps to see when a bar shows real increasing volume (or not).

    It's just a "helper" for Volume...but give it a try. You might find it helpful in some way.
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  2. Hey Pepe, what charting software are you using? TradeNavigator?
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  3. Pepe


    No. TradingView @
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  4. What about price cases?
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  5. Volume looks ugly
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  6. Very cool... looking forward to having a look at that. Thanks!
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  7. Keep in mind the data for a free TradingView is delayed.
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    Thanks so much!

    Yes, the limitation on some of the functions one can access for TV has been frustrating for me. That and lack of documentation with examples and that there is no support forum like NT's keeps them from total domination of the charting market. I'm also disappointed that one cannot publish intraday charts. To their credit, they do have an amazing piece of software in quite a number of other measures! Perhaps some of these functions open up with the premium subscription? In any case, it's clean interface and being web-based is the reason why it'll always have a place on my trading desk even as I explore the capabilities of NT.
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  9. I appreciate that... thanks!
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  10. Pepe


    I have a premium subscription and concerning the API it's the same thing. It's just a limitation on how the API was made.

    It's not as powerful as NT or other platforms but for me it's enough as it's multi-platform (and multi-device) and I don't need to use any other kind of scripts besides the ones I have.

    Also, as you probably have figured out, I continue to use the "old JHM/Spyder method" ;-)
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