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    Much like IB's charttrader, any recommendations?

    Other than SierraChart...

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  6. I don't know when you last looked at Sierra Chart but we have done a major redevelopment of our trading capability during the last two months. You should have a new look. We can give you a new trial. Just today we completed development on a new trailing stop feature supporting four different kinds of trailing stops.

    To give you an idea of the work that has been done, there probably has been 1000 internal changes.

    We also plan continued improvement with our trading capability.

    We fully support chart trading with the ability to modify orders on the chart.

    We support simple to complex trade management with server-side OCO functionality.

    In the case of IB you can now access TWS entered orders as well and adjust those on the chart.

    If you have a specific questions about what you are looking for with chart trading capability, just let us know here.

    Here is an image showing some of the capability:

    We will try to put together a video in the next day or two to demonstrate what we've done.
  7. PT Multistation-

    I've purchased a license and have made my first trades using their visual advisor. No longer do i have to guess where my trailing stop should be. After your entry is made, or even before, draw a diagonal line, pick a moving average or any other indicator that you want to use, drag and drop it into your order window and your done...All done off the charts.....Trading off the charts%Risk Management at its best.. or
  8. This is a nice feature. What we will look into working on for Sierra Chart is a new feature where you can link a Limit order (target) and/or a Stop order ( protective stop) to a study subgraph line and those orders will move with the study. This could be a moving average for example.

    Then you will be able to get this capability from us for only a fraction of the cost. As little as 22USD a month.

    Currently Sierra Chart does support this kind of capability now, but it's more indirect through the use of our Worksheet System for Trading study. What we are describing is much more simplified and intuitive.
  9. I just switched from sierra charts to PT Multistation.
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