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  1. I have 3 IB accounts. I want to trade the futures from one main account that is link to the other two accounts. Does anyone know of any software that does this?

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    I've had my j-trader platform set up where i have controlled 5 different accounts from 1 main platform. I could switch back and forth or put through contracts on all of them at once with the master account.
    Not sure if you were asking that or software specifically for IB.

  3. I use IB. Does J-trader work with IB?
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    no, j-trader is another trading platform not software for IB. You would have to move to another brokerage to use the j-trader trading platform. I'm sure there are many other platforms out there that have the same capabilities also.

  5. Use the Friends & Family Advisor to create a master account, and have those other accounts become client accounts. Even though they are all under your name it should be fine.

    You can then create allocation profiles/groups for your chosen sub-accounts.

    You can easily toggle between accounts in Quotetracker.

    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking to do here...
  6. I trade the ER future. It is too hard for me to trade all 3 acounts at the same time. So I am looking for a software that let me trade from one master account that is link to the other 2 accounts without having me to enter an order 3 times.
  7. What is the trading advantage of having multiple accounts at IB?
  8. No advantage really unless you use one account to hedge against the other when the market is in a range. I just happen to have two IRA accounts and one trading account.
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    you sound like you want to have a block account where you can do 1 trade and have it allocated to different accounts. I do that myself on the CQG platform.
  10. What is the CQG platform?
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