Software to track Think or Swim

Discussion in 'Options' started by rudyo, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. rudyo


    What is anyone using to track Think or Swim option trades?
    I see they have a download to quicken, but I'm not too fond of quicken to track hundreds or thousands of trades.

    I've thought about entering them manually into excel, but reasoned that there ought to be something better.


  2. rickf


    Try Gainskeeper?
  3. Pretty sure Penson (TOS clearing firm) lets you export trades to excel. Look in the "Clearing firm resources" on the menu when you log into the manage your account section of their site.
  4. spindr0


    If tracking means tax preparation forms, I used TRADELOG last year. For a long winded explanation of the mess I had last year, read this:

    And FWIW, I'm not a 10 post noob pushing a product in all 10 posts :)
  5. morgen


    I used TradeMax to track Think or Swim option trades and very easy-to-use, worth a try!