Software to schedule recording, saving file and shutdown the pc

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  1. Camtasia is still not able to perform this relatively simple task:

    Let's suppose you want leave your trading rig early but you need a recording file of your screen or you want to record a webinar at a schedule date and time just after the login and beginning hellos but then -- hurry up! wife is calling .. and you don't have time to stop the recording session later and switch the PC off .

    And, if possible, you want something that at the end of the webinar with no sound playing, recognizes the stopped sound , save the recording file with a preset name and quit. Alternatively, ok, let's accept that after 2 hrs the recording will be stopped.

    Which software do you use to schedule recording for a specific period of time, saving file and shutdown the pc?

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  2. How about something like a macro recorder such as this:

    It lets you record a macro and also compile the macro as a .EXE file. You can then use the .EXE with Windows task scheduler to accomplish your particular task.

    The download is free to try and I think you can compile up to 20 instructions to .EXE in the free version, so if you don't require much, you might not even have to pay for it.
  3. H TheGoonior,

    thanks for your idea but... did you check whether the free version is able to provide an editing/debugging feature actually able to set the beginning timed click on screen at at user specified time for recording and stop?

    The tasks described on the first post are not simply a record & replay mouse clicks: scheduled times are necessary and also giving the name to the file at the end of recording and switching the PC off.
  4. Just write the script. You can get your pc to do anything you want it to do with respect to applications and time of day. That's what computers are.
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    Let me get this right. You want to do a screen capture of your computer whilst it is displaying a webinar?

    Why don't you just get the archived recording of the webinar after it has finished? i.e. ask the webinar broadcasters for the recording.

    Your proposed solution is equivalent to setting up a movie camera to record what's playing on your TV whilst you are out of the house and hoping the movie camera will be smart enough to know when the show has finished and turn itself off.
  6. Thanks for the idea about getting the archived webinar; it happens often that this is a viable solutiion.

    However I can assure you that sometimes some events are not going to be recorded or you're being said that the recorded is not scheduled only after the end of the session.