Software to record daily hapenings and replay

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    Hi there,

    I'm trying to figure out if there is a software that can record what happened in the market, either all or specific equities/indicies, so you can replay say Fridays market on Saturday or Sunday, or whenever, and be able to practice things in real time instead of just looking at charts after the fact.

    Has anyone ever run across this?

  2. Yes I can record days in NinjaTrader to be saved and replayed at anytime.

    TradeMaven had that feature also (when they were a good platform and reliable).
  3. Esignal has a replay feature. You don't necessarily need it, though. When I had tradestation, I used to just scroll back on the intraday charts to where I wanted to start. I would then just hit the little arrow button at the bottom of the chart to advance it increment by increment. I'm sure you could do that with most programs that don't have a specific replay tool.
  4. You can replay multiple symbols at the same time using NeoTicker's Simulation Server.

    All your charts, quote windows, etc. will work as if you are using them in real-time.
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    Ah...only thing is that I use a Mac....
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    If you are allowing your harware to dictate what you can and can not use, quit this business now. If you are serious, get a PC.

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    Oh, ThinkorSwims software works perfectly fine on my Mac, and I wouldn't give it up for the world. Besides, it also houses my Pro Tools rig, and I need to keep making my music.
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  9. I like Neotickers playback features and simulator.
  10. Investor/RT has a great playback feature for some of their charts (Market Profile or Volume Profile - Delta charts)...and can be played back at a variety of rates. Can playback any prior day, at the tick-by-tick level.

    AND, it works on mac:
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