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  1. Im looking for a cheap or free software that will connect to IB and post/share all of my trades. Most of my trading is futures (ES/NQ/CL/GC etc) but also some stock options and forex.

    The only one I can find that looks like this will work is Collective2 but its rather expensive at $99/m. Ive also seen but that doesn't work with futures.

    Most of the other ones I can find using google you have to use them as broker. I want to keep IB. I also dont want to have to manually import trades ever.
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    To where do you wish to post/share your trades?
  3. Basically looking for something like except that allows futures trades.
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    Why don't you mirror your futures trades with nominal-sized equivalent ETF trades (SPY, USO, FXE etc) on
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    You may want to try
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    We have a pro account and we can build it for you with C2 if you are our customers. We will take care of the cost.