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  1. Andiroo


    Hi All

    I am currently trading from two brokerage accounts (Interactive Brokers and ETrade). I am struggling to keep on updating my Excel based portfolio management system for monitoring P&L and overall performance.

    I have looked at TradeLog software package but can anyone tell me what systems they recommend / use for recording / managing their trading accounts and reviewing performance etc.


  2. Andiroo,

    I know that PT MultiStation supports everything that you've described.

    It works with IB but i dont know if it works with ETrade... you can try to request ETrade integration at their forum.

    here is list of suupported brokers and feeds
  3. I think that TradeMax meets all your needs.

    The key features of TradeMax:
    Ć Track your trade
    Ć Record various corporate events such as stock split, merge, spinoff, reinvested capital
    Ć Auto-detect assigned, exercised and expired option, defer cost to corresponding shares
    Ć Auto-identify 21-character new OIS option symbol
    Ć Auto-convert the foreign transaction (Non-USD) into USD figures
    Ć Download price history of securities for your comparing.
    Ć Monitor your capital gain easily
    Ć Setup and Combine different accounts to monitor your capital gains
    Ć Filter items you don't want in Black list
    Ć Run various reports (Up to 13) to monitor your capital gains and losses.
    Ć Calculate various complicated Wash Sale scenarios accurately.
    Ć Prepare schedule D
    Ć Support importing trade data from most common-used brokers directly or the downloaded data in various formats.
    Ć Use strict FIFO trade matching as a default method
    Ć Force-Match specific trade transactions
    Ć Assign short trade, convert short / long position
    Ć Support unlimited transaction records.
  4. Catoosa


    Captools, but it is not cheap.
  5. Andiroo



    Thanks for rrecent posts.

    Trademax does indeed look good and i will investigate further. Captools website is awful and the software clunky. Does not look like it is web based which these days is a total must.

    Thanks for the info on both however,