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  1. I had the same problem with programs that did not have all the features I was looking for.

    I am creating an application that is still in beta right now.

    It gives the user the ability to manage multiple accounts and multiple clients in one program.

    It has the ability to keep track of advanced option strategies along with all and any adjustments. (Collar trades, covered calls, iron condors, calendars, credit trades, butterflies, and pretty much anything else).

    It will have tons of reports on the overall picture of your account, the profit/loss, and commissions. I will also have very detailed reports if you need them.

    The ability to keep track of your position is already done, however the ability to import into the program from brokers has not been finished yet. I am working on this.

    I am also going to be adding the ability to export out to Turbo tax including wash sale information

    I am always looking to make the program better so if you want a feature added that is not on the feature list, just add a topic to the forum.

    My website is
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    Good for you and best wishes on your project. After seeing what was NOT available out there I actually thought to myself this represented a void in the software marketplace. I figure if someone could get together a group of programmers that void could be filled. You have apparently taken up the task.

    Dry :)
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